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Book a friendly discovery call to discuss your goals- this is where we analyse your situation and explain how we can help you.



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Our Success Stories

Jennie Harris

Age 50 - Senior Nurse Coordinator

"I have lost weight, gone down a dress size and fitted into clothing that has been sitting in the wardrobe for years"

"Back in 2012 I didn’t want to be a fat bridesmaid and was having a lot of stress in my personal life. I needed an escape and to use up some pent up energy. My friend advised me that the gym was a good way of helping with stress and also would help me lose weight.

I wanted to solve the problem because I was getting fatter and unhealthy as time went on. I was caring for my sick mum and was becoming increasingly tired due to being overweight. read more...

My friend asked me to be her bridesmaid and this kicked me into action when I saw myself in a dress. I didn’t want to look fat in her wedding pictures. It also kicked me into taking a look at my lifestyle, I was telling patients the risks of being overweight… but I was one of them. I thought to myself... How can I tell others about the dangers of obesity if I'm not following my own advice?

My biggest obstacle was my own mindset. I didn’t believe I could do it at first. I laughed when I first got told by Callum that he would help me lose weight and drop dress sizes. I thought at my age It wouldn’t happen. I was just happy to get a bit fitter

At first, it was hard to change what I ate and break all the bad habits I had become used to my whole life. Getting myself motivated to attend the gym at first was also hard, I always used that good old excuse that I don't have enough time. I can only manage to get there once a week and other silly excuses. Over time Callum helped me to break these limiting beliefs about myself and my situation

I dropped from a size 16 boarding 18 to a size 10 to 12. I feel a lot healthier and fitter than I ever have been in my life. My mental health is excellent, and if I feel stressed at work where I would usually turn to food or even alcohol, I now turn to the gym. I walk into the gym in a bad mood and walk out feeling so much better than I did.

I've developed a great relationship with my body and with exercise and now train at UF multiple times a week. I absolutely love it and I'm so happy that I took the plunge and made the decision all those years ago."

before and after images showing a woman losing weight at Universal Fitness

Weight: Lost 14kg

Lost 12 inches from waist & hips
and dropped from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12

Klaudia Lepinska

Age 30 - Wellness Coach

"I feel so confident in my body, so much so that I shared my bikini pictures!"

"My problem before universal fitness was a lifetime of dieting and unhealthy relationships with food and my body, High cholesterol, Black and white thinking about exercise and food: “I’ve missed a day of training this week so I’ve failed”, “I’ve had a muffin for a snack so I’ve failed my diet, may as well eat crap for the rest of the week and start next Monday”. Excluding whole groups of foods from my diet - mainly carbs. Religiously seeing food as either good or bad. read more...

It was affecting my mental health to a point of developing an eating disorder and worsening other mental health conditions. Having high cholesterol also was a big wake up call, as well as generally feeling unfit and unhealthy.

Getting back into a routine of exercising and eating regularly after missing sessions due to illness, work or other commitments. Travel- I live on the other end of Stoke and don’t drive so I have to catch two buses to get back home from the sessions! After a few weeks or so I settled into this routine and now I’m fine.

My cholesterol has gone down to a healthy level. For the first time, I feel so confident in my body, so much so that I shared my bikini pictures! But most importantly I enjoy exercise, it gives me a great sense of achievement and I don’t see it as a punishment or a chore anymore. Eating disorder and other mental health issues are under control now."

before and after photos for Klaudia Lepinska, a woman training at the gym

Reduced cholesterol to a healthy level

Stephen & Christine (61 & 62)

Stephen has lost over a stone and Christine has toned up

Meet couple Stephen & Christine. Stephen is a full-time crane operator. Christine is a full-time mental health support worker. Both are from Stroke on Trent. Stephen & Christine had tried other gyms before but found they either lost motivation or didn't get the results they wanted. They were also unsure of which exercises they should be doing and how to do them correctly. read more...

They both wanted to get in shape for their holiday which was 10 weeks for their start date with us.

Since joining our program, Stephen has lost over a stone, Christine has toned up, and both are much fitter, stronger, and have more energy.

If Christine & Stephen can do it, so can you. They both had to work around obstacles such as work and family life. But they both prioritised their health and fitness and are now in great shape for their holiday.

an older couple who've been a major success story at Universal Fitness

Why Choose

Universal Fitness

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Sick of constantly trying and failing to lose weight and keep it off? 

Do you easily lose motivation and give up?

Are you someone who desperately wants to make a positive change but keeps putting it off?

Do you need help and guidance on how to best achieve your health and fitness goals?

We got sick of seeing people doing hours of boring cardio and FAD diets that do not work.

So we created our programs to get people like you sustainable, long term results for life.

Expect these benefits:

  • Live Longer
  • Massive increase in fitness
  • More energy at work
  • Enhance your mental health
  • Improve your mental strength & work ethic
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Become a positive role model for your kids/grandkids
  • Increase your flexibility and mobility
  • Sleep better

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