book cover for a book designed to provide tips and advice to stop cravings

Discover How to Eliminate Sugar Cravings!

The BIGGEST issues everyone faces when it comes to nutrition is craving sugar, crisps, sweets and more. This FREE PDF will give you the tips and tricks to help control your cravings and STOP reaching for the biscuit tin, chocolates, crisps or wine / beer.

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What They Say about the Book

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“Once I implemented the steps I found it much easier to stop snacking ”

Victoria W

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“This book has helped me to reduce my sugar cravings and i'm now leaner than I was in my 20's ”

Andy M


What’s Inside the Book?

1. What Drives Your Cravings

The first step is to understand what drives your cravings, that way you can dodge common pitfalls that lead to unbearable cravings

2. How To Control Your Cravings

Next is the step by step (science backed) formula you need to follow in order to get control of your cravings

3. Super Swaps For Overcoming Cravings

Once you have control, you can start adding swaps in so that you can still enjoy your food without the harmful sugar content

About the Author

Callum Eckersley

Callum Eckersley is an experienced personal trainer based in Stoke-On-Trent with a 12 year track record of success

His methods have been used by thousands of local residents to lose weight and get fit in a sustainable way using his "70/30 method" 

Get Started Right Away With Eliminating Your Cravings

book cover for a book designed to provide tips and advice to stop cravings