February 15

Stephen has lost over a stone and Christine has toned up

Stephen has lost over a stone and Christine has toned up

Meet couple Stephen & Christine. Stephen is a full-time crane operator. Christine is a full-time mental health support worker. Both are from Stroke on Trent. Stephen & Christine had tried other gyms before but found they either lost motivation or didn’t get the results they wanted. They were also unsure of which exercises they should be doing and how to do them correctly.


They both wanted to get in shape for their holiday which was 10 weeks for their start date with us.


Since joining our program, Stephen has lost over a stone, Christine has toned up, and both are much fitter, stronger, and have more energy.


If Christine & Stephen can do it, so can you. They both had to work around obstacles such as work and family life. But they both prioritised their health and fitness and are now in great shape for their holiday.


Stephen & Christine (61 & 62)

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