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Fitness Goals for Summer: How Universal Fitness Can Help You Achieve Yours

As summer approaches, the idea of feeling confident and vibrant in our own skin becomes increasingly appealing. For those over 40, this desire often comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. However, age should never be a barrier to achieving fitness goals.

At Universal Fitness, we believe that anyone should have the body they want but we also understand the need for comfortability when pursuing a better you. Our approach is tailored specifically to help individuals at any age, particularly those over 40, to reach their health and fitness aspirations in a supportive and motivating environment.

a group of trainees at the gym, mostly made up of older people, just before a group training session

Understanding the Challenges


Entering your 40s and beyond brings a unique set of challenges that can make staying fit seem daunting. Metabolism naturally slows down, and the body might not respond to physical activity as quickly as it used to. Joint health becomes a priority, with concerns about pain and injury often moving to the forefront. Additionally, balancing the demands of personal and professional life can make regular exercise seem like a luxury rather than a necessity.

However, these challenges also come with a silver lining. Experience and maturity often lead to better self-awareness and a clearer understanding of what truly works for your body. At this stage in life, fitness is less about competing with others and more about maintaining health, strength, and well-being. This is where Universal Fitness steps in, offering a group personal training environment that is both adaptive and encouraging.


Setting Realistic Fitness Goals


For those over 40, setting realistic fitness goals is crucial not just for success, but also for maintaining motivation and preventing injuries. The key is to establish clear, measurable, and achievable objectives that reflect personal health conditions and lifestyle needs. At Universal Fitness, the training programs are designed with your goals in mind, ensuring that every workout contributes effectively towards reaching these fitness goals. Personal trainers also adjust exercises to accommodate individual needs and limitations, ensuring a safe and effective workout routine.


How Universal Fitness Supports Your Goals


Universal Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a community that thrives on support and collective encouragement. We take great pride in building an environment that promotes positivity around fitness and helps you keep on track with a like-minded set of individuals around you. Here’s how our group personal training studio stands out:


  • Personalised Group Sessions: Each session is scaled to the abilities of members, with trainers providing modifications to ensure everyone can participate safely and effectively.
  • Focus on Education: Trainers at Universal Fitness educate members on proper form, technique, and strategies to prevent injuries, particularly crucial for the over-40 demographic.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Understanding that diet plays a significant role in fitness, Universal Fitness offers nutritional advice tailored to the needs of older adults. If you aren’t eating correctly, you’re not going to see results so we ensure that nutrition is addressed early into every program.


Success Stories from Universal Fitness


Hearing from those who have walked the path and achieved their fitness dreams can be incredibly motivating and we are proud to have had a high number of success stories willing to share their journeys with us. Across our website, you’ll find lots of different testimonials from people of all kinds of backgrounds and networks. Here are a couple of fitness success stories from Universal Fitness members.


Ready to get started? Starting your fitness journey at Universal Fitness is straightforward and personalised so we can ensure that your fitness program is perfectly suited to your needs and requirements. To get started on our 4 Week Foundation Program, book an appointment today!

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